Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow! A lot of time has passed since i last wrote. A lot of water under the bridge, so many events have traspassed in the last few years.
We keep busy. Ellsworth still bringing in the wood and doing other things to make life worth living.
I am kept busy with studying, Family History Missionary work, my animals, trying to keep up with the house, politics, laundry etc and with my business.
We love living in this neck of the woods, despite the rain. It is so beautiful here and when the sun does shine we appreciate it more than most people.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life marches on. Our family continues to grow with several new great grandbabies this past year and one here and at least one on the way this year. We love them all.
Besides our son Garth serving in the Military, we now have four grandsons serving; Brandon, Brent and Colton Newell, Grant Arthur's sons and Dalton Newell, Eldon's and Candy's son.
I am still self employed with a small private vocational school. Brenda Lewis,RN teaches CNA classes to our students. It is quite a job and we will continue to do this as long as we have enough students. It is wonderful to feel you are doing a service to the community as well as earning a little to contribute to our family income. We have a website that assists prospective students to know a little about our business.
I am also continually trying to encourage everyone to store food and other necessities, mainly water and sanitary products.
I am a representative now for a food storage place and have a website. where you can order a packet of free foods to try them out. You just need to pay the postage. They are delicious.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seek the Higher Ground

Seek the Higher Ground

Almost Summer

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun. I am going to start posting more on this site. Things don't disappear so fast as they do on facebook.
All is well here. We are trying to get our garden tilled and planted. We have some things planted in both the greenhouse and the garden.
The animals are doing well. Our 3 baby lambs are growing like weeds.
The children are doing well. We have over 40 grandchildren and going on 25 great grandchildren. Wow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted on this blog. I have been doing facebook and have neglected this although there are many things I like better about it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have not posted on this blog forever! I missed a whole month of the birthday list. I apologize to those who had birthdays during this past month. I will play catch up today I hope

Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Have a wonderful Christmas: Here are a few snow pictures - We are so thankful for the help we have received from family members i.e. rides to town, bring wood to front porch and while Ells wasn't feeling well, loading it up and bringing it in the house, to say nothing of shoveling paths to the office and shop. Thanks to Arlin, Cindy, Jesse, Neil, Garth, and Kesley. It is good to have children close by. We also appreciate the phone calls and know all would be willing to help if you lived nearby. God bless you all this Christmas Season. They are now telling us we are having snow through Christmas. is a great site if you aren't aware of it. You type in your zip code and they tell you what the weather is and will be for the next 10 days.

Spiritual Heart

If someone could really hear your spiritual heart, what would they be able to hear?
Christ in You, the Hope of Glory (Collosians 1:27)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Time - A Time to Celebrate

Merry Christmas Everyone!
We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.
May all your troubles be little ones and may you always remember
the 'true meaning of Christmas'

Click Here for a Merry Christmas Card

Monday, December 8, 2008


(I thought the fireworks were appropriate for this family)
Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to Eldon and Candy's home in Tumwater and celebrated with their three boys; Dalton, Devlen and Dayton. We had a great time. The dinner was marvelous - Eldon and Candy worked on it together and wouldn't let me in the kitchen. I (had) to play games with the boys! Of course, that's my favorite thing to do anyway.
After a luscious meal, we played more games. This time the mom and dad played with us also.
I thought I took more pictures than I did but if so, they disappeared.
Anyway, we had a grand time and boy were we stuffed!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Memorial for Sharon (Bunny) Mcclellan Hodge Taylor

Yesterday was quite a day. Mother and I attended a funeral for a good friend at our church in Elma. It was a great service with lots of input from his family.
We returned from there about 11:45 or so and picked up the items we needed (food and gas) and then headed directly for Tacoma - 6th avenue - where we attended a memorial for my first cousin, Bunny, as we always called her. It was years before I found out her actual first name was Sharon.
The gathering room at her mother, Adeline's place seemed small with more than 50 people gathered in it - probably closer to 100. Many people paid great respect to her with their childhood tales and also the tales of her adult years. She always loved a good story and loved to play pranks on other people.
I remember one time we were visiting her family when I was around 14 years of age. She was just 5 months younger than I so we were really of an age although I was a year ahead of her in school so thought I was much older. We were visiting them in a small town - not sure which one as they lived in several. There was a horse on their property; he was as wild as a march hare. Bunny dared me to ride it and so I did. I knew nothing about riding horses, the horse had no saddle, no reins no nothing except a mane of hair for me to hang on to. I climbed up on a very large rock and somehow got on top of that horse. He took off at what seemed like 100 miles an hour. I hung on for dear life but when he decided to make a very sharp turn to the right I made a very sharp turn to the left, or so it seemed. Needless to say I was a little sore for a few days and didn't ride another horse for a long time and never again without a saddle and reins. In the meantime Bunny and some of her siblings were having a very good laugh at my expense. I did not see the funny side of it at that time and can just barely laugh about it now.
Bunny had a sense of humor to the day she passed away.
It was so great to see her mother and siblings and two of her children, Ken and Don Hodge. Both live back East and work in different capacities for the Government.
The moment I saw them I knew they were hurting but had their emotions well under control.
Their demeanor and soft spoken ways showed what wonderful men they had grown to be.
They have worked hard in their family, employment and in their Church and I, for one, am very proud of them. Even more though, I am proud of Bunny for obviously doing such a great job as their mother. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Neil's Birthday

Maddy and Elisa celebrating their dad's birthday. They are pretty strong girls.
More pictures in slide show below.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Write to a Service Man or Woman

GREAT IDEA!! When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card (or More) and send it to this address. If everyone sends one card,think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.
When you are making out your Christmas card list this
year, please include the following:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Heights, MD 20791-5456

Must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We can also write to Recovering American Soldiers at this address:
(They also need our mail)

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

(You can change Soldier to Marine, Sailor, Airman, Army or Coast Guard

I just printed out two sheets of address labels and plan to send them some Christmas Cards with a little note inside thanking them for their service.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canning Season is about Over

I really got behind. Canning season is slowing down now and will soon come to a halt.
We finished the apples and I am canning some potatoes for soups and stews and then I will be done for a while until I decide to make more soup; that will be later this winter.
I am now trying to play catch-up on the quilts for several great grandchildren that I need to finish and send to them and others.
Nothing fancy - just warm.

We gained a new G-Granddaughter, Brekia Lloyd. I believe that makes 17 G-Grandchildren
Congratulations to you Amanda and to Grant and Rhonda, the proud Grandparents.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grandkids - A Parent's Reward

Another Wedding

Brent (Grant's Son) is getting married the 2nd of Nov. to Leah Kristen from Kennewick Wa. They have planned a small wedding at the Red Lion in Kennewick, WA On Nov the 2nd at 5:00 PM. All Family Members are invited. Brent and Leah will then be moving to Korea where Brent has been stationed - first orders in the army.

Anniversary Celebration

We spent a wonderful 3 days in Port Angeles. The trip along the Canal was great and we had a nice motel room at a very reasonable price.
The best part though was visiting with Family - our Nephew Ken (Curran) Doerge and his wife Leola and our Neice, Barbara (Curran-Doerge) Hannify and her Husband, Larry.
They treated us Royally. When we arrived Barbara and Larry picked us up at the motel & took us to Ken and Leola's home where they had a magnificent feast prepared. We ate and ate and ate. It was too good to resist. After a nice long visit we back to the motel. The next morning Barbie (as her family calls her) and Larry picked us up again and we went back to Ken and Leola's for a great breakfast. He cooked omelets on the barbecue out on the patio. She had made many delicious items to go along with that. We walked around and viewed their yard and gardens; then we climbed in their vehicle and he took us on the grand tour. We visited her original family home which now belongs to her sister and brother. Quite a huge piece of land. We visited some of their parks and of course saw the Straits of Juan De Fuca - one beach was full of surfers - there were some great waves there. We also saw the bunkers where the soldiers were after the attack on Pearl Harbor. There was great concern that the next attack would occur there.
We later went back to the hotel for a little rest and then Ken and Leola picked us up and took us to Barb and Larry's place for an outstanding Turkey Dinner. They had everything you would want to eat.
Barbara wrote down all of our children's names - trying to keep them straight. They were so kind to me and accepted me into their family as they would a blood relative.
Barbara and Larry gave us a beautiful boquet of Yellow Roses - about four dozen. I hope to show you the pictures but haven't been able to download them as yet. I will try another method.
It was good to arrive back home safely; Ells had to drive most of the way as I had a bad attack of road hypnotism and could not stay awake. I couldn't find my can of energy drink I thought I had in the trunk, which usually keeps me going. The weather was beatiful the whole 3 days and the company was superb.

Family in Sweden

Here are Bo and Yvonne Brunzell from Sweden
We Share Great-Grandparents and it has been a delight to communicate back and forth with them sharing Family History and learning about our current families.
Here are their Children: Sara, Peter, and Charlotte
What a Beautiful Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Taken at the VFW 5 yrs ago

Taken in our campground 14 yrs ago

This is a picture of 3 generations - my mother and I sandwiched in between 3 beautiful daughters.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


We have 55 qts of applesauce canned now and 35 qts of vegetable beef soup.
All our pumpkins & squash are in the greenhouse 'curing' and the green tomatoes are there also, hopefully getting ripe without rotting. It has been freezing the last few nights so had to get them in before they were ruined. All our potatoes are dug and put away also. I planted quite a few seeds in pots in the greenhouse. I hope they grow.
Ellsworth is very busy now, constantly loading the woodstove and bringing wood to the front porch. It is a huge job. Arlin and Neil and Cindy and Maddy and her friend helped take down the Canopy in the campground today for the winter. It is a relief to have that done.
We are doing ok and hope all of you are also.
Last night and today, Ellsworth and I canned 34 quarts of apple sauce. A lot of work.
We still have about ten boxes to go. I picked them from our trees - it is definitely a good apple year.
What a good feeling to have food put away for emergencies.

Monday Arlin showed up at our house and when Cindy arrived home from work, she came over also. Up onto the roof they went and started painting again. Yes, the roof needed a second coat of a little different kind of material. I didn't get any pictures this time but I can tell you we appreciate them so much for the kind things they do - not just for us but for everyone within their reach. Today is their 29th anniversary. Wow! May they be blessed with 29 more (at least).

Garth has been gone to Mississippi for 2.5 weeks. He is training other soldiers.
Their 15th Anniversary is on the 16th! They hope to go away for a few days.

The kids are all back in school and things are going well for them.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This picture turned out pretty good of the three of us (except for someone's thumb)! We gained a wonderful daughter in law!
She is sweet and smart and special!

Even though the weather wasn't perfect, the wedding was very nice.

We felt bad that some family members who really wanted to attend weren't able to make it for various reasons.
It was so great to see everyone, especially our family members who live so far away. Rohn and Marylyn and Christopher were there from Idaho Falls, which was wonderful and Aaron and Emmylou and Garrett and Gracie from Spokane. Eldon looked so handsome all dressed up as the best man and of course the stars of the show, Grant and Ronda, were wonderful. Their children and grandchildren were there also. We just gained 3 grandchildren and almost 3 great-grandchildren. Wow!
Bill Duncan and his wife Cathy, were there from Tacoma; Bill was Grant's best friend growing up.
Also, Paul Rushton and his wife were there - he is a friend of the family from long ago.
I will post some pictures here sometime today. It is a little time consuming so must wait for that block of time to do it.
Cindy did a good job getting the meal together. We had plenty to eat and then some.
Seven of the 12 siblings were there (Cindy, Grant, Rohn, Eldon, Gordon, Garth, & Aaron); that was wonderful in itself.
Arlin, as always, did a wonderful job performing the ceremony - it was really special.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Congratulations are in order for Aaron and Emmylou - I am so excited!

Well, the wedding is about to take place. We are really excited for Grant and Ronda and especially excited that so many of 'the twelve' will be there. Who knows, maybe all of them. Wouldn't that be wonderful! I'm glad I have a new camera because I plan to take lots of pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quite a Day

Cindy's 50th BD celebration - We had a nice evening - with lots of chocolate cake - Delicious - I saved 15 points for the event. (
I decided to add these pictures for now & a slideshow
Mom and I took moon pictures on our way home from the party. It was so full and beautiful. Click on it for a better view.
Sep 14th- Nice day at Church - Great speakers. We had a nice dinner at home - every meal consists of things from the garden. Then we both had a snooze.
I have got to take the time soon to get my pictures and slide shows on this blog organized a little better.
Today I am planning on preserving some of the greens fro
m the garden.

Sep 13th - Well, I just returned from Josiah's Birthday Party. Julie made the best ice cream cake. Josiah was having a lot of fun with all his family and friends and gifts.
I didn't stay too long. I was a little worried about Ells as he was having a bad evening. I came home and finished the bulletin - barely enough ink to print it. I run out way
too often.
Sep 13th - Today I spent all morning re-arranging our 72 hour kits. I made sure each of our two cars had both a 72 hour pack including 3 days worth of food and an emergency first aid kit.
I also made an emergency kit for Ellsworth's old wood truck just in case he needs it.
Then I decided I better start one for both my mother and the sister I have on my visiting teaching route.
Then Garth called and asked if he and the boys could come over to help us for a while while Julie cleaned the house. Of course, we were more than happy about that. He helped us with the 'Wisteria project' which was to trim it way, way down to a size that we could handle. I couldn't believe he got it all done. Ells took the truck and loaded it up with all the bramble and took it out to the burn pile. The boys loved riding back in it.
We also trimmed down the Star Magnolias and Ells took down the huge shrub in front of the Den windows. That was a big job for him.
Also, Arlin helped me get the hoses reconnected so I could water the garden. I have to use his water as ours will not support the sprinkler for some strange reason. It always did before. We have tried 3 or 4 different ones and different hoses to no avail.
We haven't had to water very much as the rain has been time just right so the garden would get soaked and we could go quite a while before it needed it again.
We canned a couple of boxes of peaches this past week (that is, what I didn't eat-they only have 1 point on weight watchers so I pigged out on them).
Sept 13th, 2008 - today is Cindy's birthday. Doesn't seem possible it has been 50 years since I brought that sweet little baby home from the hospital. She was two weeks late so I was pretty happy to finally deliver. She was busy all day so other than a phone call to tell her Happy Birthday at 6:45am, I haven't even seen her yet. Will see her tomorrow though.
I guess I have been tagged and I don't really know what to do but will make a stab at it.

3 joys:
Our Family, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Our Place,

3 fears: As I approach old age (a lot of people think I reached it long ago) I fear not completing my family history, not
seeing my family enough, not being completely financially solvent before I pass on to the next world.

3 current obsessions:
Our Garden, Finding Financial Assistance for our Students, Completing Christmas Gifts

3 surprising facts: I don't know if there are any surprises left. I will try to think of some.
I had a large blood clot in my leg for the past two months - almost gone now.
I like puzzles but not sudoku or however you spell it.
I joined weightwatchers online also.

Daniel, Rohn, and Grant Arthur; you are tagged by your mother:
Same things as above

Great Weekend

Sunday afternoon our friends, Daniel and Erin Greenlee and their precious children, Corina, who is 4 and Liam, who is 10 months, came to visit us and share a meal.
We had a very nice visit and enjoyed their company immensely.
Dan obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Stanford University, then served as a Naval Officer for five years. He went on to receive a Doctorate of Chiropractic.
Erin is a licensed Acupuncturist but is taking a leave of absence while her children are small. They are very caring people and we love them.
On Saturday Arlin informed us this was the day he was going to paint the roof (meaning our shop roof which was leaking in a dozen different places). Ellsworth bought the paint which is a s
pecial kind that you roll and brush on and it waterproofs the surface.

Garth came over to watch the Husky/BYU game and then helped Arlin with the roof. I know they had lots of other things to do that day but they took the time to give us some badly needed assistance.We are so grateful to them both for their help.

Joey got in on the project also. He is very good to help people when they ask.

Afterwards, we all had a little picnic in our campground.

Uncle Ralph

June 25th - As most of you know, Ralph had a complete hip replacement over a week ago and is mending pretty well we think. The first surgery was not healing right - it was crooked so they decided to finally do this surgery. He should be much better off once it is completely healed.
It was quite an ordeal for him
As most of you know, my brother Ralph was in a horrible car accident yesterday morning (Sat Apr 19th) Actually it was about 1 o'clock in the morning. He was on his paper route and driving along about 60 miles an hour he said when a car came over the hill and was in his lane. He had no time to do anything; the car just hit him head on.
We are all feeling fortunate that Ralph is still with us. He was hurt quite badly with several broken bones. However, he didn't lose consciousness, which means a lot and he is trying to keep his spirits up which means a lot.
Neil kindly drove mom and I to the hospital in Tacoma yesterday and we stayed there and visited with his family until he was out of surgery and then out of the recovery room. We did get to visit with him for a while in his room. He is in a lot of pain but they have changed his pain medication now and it is helping him.

Here is his address if you would like to send him a card which I know he would enjoy receiving.
Ralph R. Dahlberg Room 516 J Wing
Tacoma General Hospital
315 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
PO BX 5299
Tacoma, WA . 98415

Time Goes by

This past Friday night I rode with Neil and Maddy to the Elma Football Field to watch two of our grandsons play soccer.
Jesse Burbidge (Cindy & Arlin's) played for the Elma soccer team and did a great job. Dalton Newell (Eldon & Candy's) played for Tumwater. He did a great job also but was limited on the time he could play as he was plagued with a nosebleed.
It brought back a lot of memories of past football games. Eldon, Gordon, Garth, Aaron, Josh and Dan all played football for Elma. They loved it with a passion. I loved going to the games and rooting for the boys.
How quickly time passes. It seemed so strange to be there at the football field watching my children's children play. I don't get to go very often but enjoy it when I do.
Jesse is Captain of his team and will graduate from high school this year so he doesn't have too many games left to play.
It was good to sit with the family and enjoy their company.

Favorite Memory from Childhood